ISSN 2410-5708 / e-ISSN 2313-7215

Year 8 | No. 22 | p. 5 | June - September 2019




P.hD. Álvaro Antonio Escobar Soriano

Researcher professor

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, Managua

aescobar@unan.edu.ni / alvess007@gmail.com

Revista Torreón Universitario is one of the most prestigious university journals in Nicaragua. This disseminates topics from different fields of knowledge, at the same time, makes available research papers and academic essays to specialized and interested readers allowing an objective assessment of the importance of this journal in the open publication of the work and thinking of the academics of UNAN-Managua.

In this new issue, the magazine proposes three axes thematic: climate and food security, while articles that refer to them are presented, it puts in perspective their importance for the development of the country. On the other hand, education and entrepreneurial culture is contemplated, an axis that gives context to how education in the knowledge society is oriented towards the development of entrepreneurship, being this a competition that will allow the country’s social, economic and scientific-technical progress in the near future; Finally, the axis thematic on health, especially on the ear problems suffered by adults.

We hope that readers positively value this effort to make Nicaraguan scientific thinking visible. We also want them to draw on knowledge that seeks to contribute, at a national and international level, to the solution of problems shared by our peoples and societies.