ISSN 2410-5708 / e-ISSN 2313-7215

Year 7 | No. 20 | p. 5 | october 2018 - january 2019




PhD. Raúl Arévalo Cuadra




Dear readers, we layin your hands one more copy of the journal Torreón Universitario, which aims to disseminate the generation and transfer of knowledge with the scientific research work of expert researchers, both nationally and internationally to improve quality, type and focus of it. This magazine has been awarded as part of the IX Edition of the National Award for Innovation by the Nicaraguan Council of Science and Technology (CONICYT as in Spanish) in 2015 through the Vice Presidency of the Republic, for its effort to raise quality and application of the criteria of the Regional Online Information System for scientific journals in Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain and Portugal (LATINDEX) and to achieve visibility of the scientific production of Nicaragua in the Latin American Journal Online (LAMJOL). At the same time, it is indexed in two international catalogs LATINDEX and CAMJOL, with a presence in the Portal of Magazines of Nicaragua, being recognized for sustainability in its periodic publication.

However, our magazine was no stranger to the unfortunate events that happened during the past year (2018), the unit where the Torreón Universitario magazine is located, was completely destroyed. It should be noted that the magazine has continued with its periodical publications in search of updating its periodicity, for which the effort of the entire editorial team has been decisive, who with a proactive attitude have put all their effort into the management of the articles, review, translation, layout and the entire editorial process, to make available to readers a final product of the highest quality.

It is worth noting that FAREM-Carazo emerges from the ashes with the collaboration of the highest authorities of UNAN-Managua and the university community. In that sense, it is important to recognize the support provided by the Office of the Vice Rectorate for Research, through its Directorate of Research in the permanent and systematic accompaniment to the editorial processes of the academic journals of the institution, thereby contributing to the development of a society more just, equitable, with a critical sense, that day by day it contributes to the growth of Nicaragua that it needs from all citizens.

All this has resulted in the Torreón Universitario magazine being a means of scientific reference, for the appropriate and timely investigation of research, essays and studies carried out by research professors inside and outside the national territory.

To freedom for the University!